A Green Side garden architecture takes care of all your wishes


Are you interested in a new or renovated garden? We handle your garden design as well as the landscaping of it.

Whether your style is more linear or organic, harmonious or contrasting, modern or classic, we follow your wishes.

As a landscape architect and manager I am, Nicolas Mommaerts, your guarantee for a creative and quality landscaping.

We are your partner for a renewing and innovative garden.

In short, A Green Side is your total service for your garden so that you can enjoy and relax in it.

Your garden from A till Z

Your wishes are our biggest concern. We combine these garden wishes with a thought through garden design to achieve your personalized garden creation. We create gardens for personal use as well for companies.


Whether you desire a totally new garden, a part of the garden, the incorporation of a new element or a renovation, we can deliver this for you.

A Green Side stands for design and realization of:

  • Planting in all shapes, scents and colors
  • Driveways and patios in natural stone, pavers, cobbles, pebbles ,…
  • Ponds, swimming ponds and water features
  • Lawn constructions, meadows
  • Lighting, fences, …

Sustainable materials, innovative products and adapted plants generate years of garden pleasure.

With smart solutions, we maintain your garden in a durable easy-caringway.

Young and dynamic work ethic combined with special adjusted machinery for a durable and precise execution.

A unique and sustainable garden design for your environment and lifestyle, that is the added-value we offer.

A Green Side is your guarantee of quality and creativity.

Also discover our vision, methods, archievements and contact us for a free consultation.